Seven Sorrows of Mary, by the Hermit Sister

The Seven Sorows is a devotion that recalls seven sorrowful episodes in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this recording, we share meditations and song on the seven sorrrows written by the Hermit Sister. This CD was completed on the feast day of our Mother, December 8, 2005
The 7 Dolors Maria
1  Prophecy of Holy Simeon
2  The Flight intl Egypt
3  Jesus Remains in the Temple
4  Mary meets Her Son on the way to the cross
5  The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus
6  The Body of Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
7  Mary Accompanies Jesus to the Sepulcher
At each of the Dolors, we would meditate on the sorrow and then recite the Hail Mary followed by a prayer, before moving to the next Dolors.

Work of the Hermit

In order to maintain a balanced life of prayer, work and recreation, Hermit Sister, when possible, dabbles in decoupages’ of icons.  Sister wrote the icon of Our Lady of Tenderness  and St. Elijah. All done with a heartfelt desire to bring Glory to God and built His kingdom here on earth.